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Different Drawing Types

Free sweepstakes sites often conduct a variety of different prize drawings or have an assortment of different games and ways you can play and enter to win cash and prizes. Some have various ways submit your entries such as playing a game first or answering a trivia question. They may also give away a daily prize through a random drawing which usually occurs each night. Check to see what the criteria is to qualify for the various drawings, so you don’t miss out on your chances to win on any given day.

If you’re on a site which offers instant-win games, such as scratch-off cards or lottery style games where you choose a set of numbers to play, you’ll see as soon as you complete the game if you’ve won. It’s always exciting see that cash or prize win on your screen or you may earn entries or some kind of entry tokens to be used for other prize drawings.

If you do win, the sweepstake company will contact you, often only by email, to arrange to send your prize award. That’s one of the reasons you should always use an email address which you remember to check on a regular basis and if, for some reason, you change your preferred email account, be sure to update it in your member profile for the sites you play which have that membership format. For sites which only require your email address to submit your entries or play their games, be sure you type it correctly before you hit the submit button, or whatever method your entry is submitted. If you make a type-o, you could potentially miss out on collecting your prize or payment.

If you’re on a site which has a daily drawing for a certain prize, such as cash or a gift card, be sure to enter before the drawing time, which typically occurs in the evening or at midnight. Some of these are guaranteed to have a winner, and some are not. Look at the details on the site which will tell you what the rules are. In some cases, players earn entries into a daily prize drawing just for playing or entering other sweeps on the site.

Other sites may have a daily prize drawing which you have to directly enter in order to qualify. If the site does have a guaranteed daily prize, they may have a tally of daily entries so you can see how many chances you’ve earned in any given day which is usually displayed on the top navigation section of the web page. Some sites will give entries just playing or entering their sweeps games. Others may give the daily entries as a prize award for an instant-win game if you don’t win cash or a prize on that game, and some may do both.

Some sites will show an end date for each giveaway so you’ll know when the drawing will be – whether there is a guaranteed winner or not. If the site does provide that information keep a close watch and be sure to get all your available entries in so you don’t miss any chance to become the winner. Once a prize winner is selected, they will typically be posted on the winner’s page and contacted by email. Again, it’s crucial to receiving a prize award that you check your email on a regular basis, so you don’t miss any important news, like a win or drawing expiration.

The most important thing you can do when entering free sweepstakes, no matter the format, is to stay organized so you don’t miss any of your entries or daily games. You may even want to make a check list so you can be sure you’ve claimed every possible chance to win. After all, the whole point to playing free sweeps sites is to try to win, so don’t give up if you haven’t won yet. Just keep at it and you very well may be surprised to find one of those winner notifications in your email inbox! One thing is certain, as the old saying goes, a winner never quits, and a quitter never wins!