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Do Winners Really Get Paid?

You may be wondering about the validity of a sweepstakes site you are interested in playing and if their winners really get paid. The short answer is, if the site is legit, you can bet your bottom dollar the winners really get paid. Sweepstakes laws are very strict and defined. The companies which run the sweeps must adhere to the laws which govern their industry. Add to that, who wouldn’t want to work in a business that gives free money and prizes to people who most likely need it the most?!

Did you ever stop to consider the folks behind the scenes work in this business because what they do makes people happy? There’s no greater feeling in the world than hearing feedback from a winner and seeing how thrilled they are to be the recipient of an amazing cash or prize award.

Often, sweeps sites will interview winners, encourage then to send photos holding their prize check and will even have winner testimonial quotes to go along with the photos or videos of those winners. When you see the real face of a real winner holding a real prize check, there’s your answer! The winner is real and did, in fact, get paid.

Some sweeps sites are very active on social media. Aside from the site itself, that’s a great resource to see real winners because dedicated sweepers usually follow their favorite sites on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and will sometimes drop a comment if they’ve won. If the site does have a YouTube channel, chances are you’ll find real winner video interviews and even some surprise reveals where the winner had no idea until that moment that they’d won something amazing. That’s something the folks running the sweeps just love to do because who wouldn’t want to make someone’s day by telling them they’ve just won a big pile of money or an amazing prize?

Of course, as we’ve mentioned before, there are scams out there so it’s a good idea to investigate the site you want to play if you don’t know anyone who referred you to it. Social media is full of legit sweeps sites promoting their contests, but can also have scam artists who often pose as the real site so be cautious and be sure you are following the official page of the site. The simplest way to be sure is to click on their social media links directly from their site or through an email if you are receiving messages from the sweeps site. That way you can be certain you are on the right social media account and not falling for an imposter who more than likely wants something from you, usually money.

But, getting back to real winners, you can also check out the winner’s page on any of the sites you play or are interested in trying. Legit sweeps companies will always have a list which shows the name, city, state and prize won. Some may even have photos of their winners on that page or elsewhere on their site. That’s the mark of a real site paying real winners.

Keep in mind, the longer the sweepstakes site has been active, the more winner's they will have listed. If the site is relatively new, it will take time to build up a considerable list but, in either case, their winner's lists should be updated regularly and most commonly on a daily basis.