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Use a Dedicated Email Address

Avid sweepers who are on top of their game usually have proven methods of staying organized and not missing any chance to win, or any important information like email contests or prize winner messages. Since most, if not all, sweeps sites use email as their entry criteria or account sign up method, it’s advisable to create an email address you use only for entering free sweepstakes contests. That way, you will have a primary email account dedicated only to information about the sweepstakes sites you enter and won’t run the risk of sweeps related messages getting lost among your other emails.

There are plenty of free email platforms which are easy to sign up for and use such as Gmail, by Google, which has built in features making it easy to keep your messages organized. They feature three categories of messages which includes Primary, which is the main inbox, Social, which is where notifications from sites like Facebook and Twitter will be directed, and Promotions, which can include messages from retailers or news outlets whose sites you may have visited and entered your email on, or places you’ve made a purchase from.

You’ll want your email from your favorite sweeps sites to land in your Primary inbox, so you don’t miss them. If they are delivered to one of the other two inboxes, it’s easy enough to move it to the Primary inbox by right-clicking and scrolling to “Move to” and choosing “Primary.”

It’s also advisable to add any sweeps sites to your address book or reply to one of their messages so your email provider will recognize future messages as those you would like delivered directly to your inbox. You can also label a message as important so the next time you get an email from that site, the email client will recognize that it’s important to you and deliver it with that tag highlighted. Another feature to mark important messages is to star them. You’ll see a blank star in your message list. Simply click on it if it’s something you want to refer back to at some point. Then you can sort your messages to view just the starred ones if you need to.

Be sure to set up your dedicated email on all your devices, especially those devices which you enter and play your favorite sweeps on. Some sweepers like the convenience of playing on their phone so they can enter no matter where they are in their day, whether at home or on the go. Other sweepers may like to play from a laptop or home desktop computer, and that’s okay, but it’s a good idea to bookmark your favorite sites on any portable device you travel with in case you are not at home. That way you won’t miss out on entering.

If, for example, you login with your dedicated sweeper email address, you should login from your portable device using that email address so you can pick up where you left off and, if the site has any kind of daily bonus points you can accumulate to use for other giveaways, you will retain those to enter in the bonus giveaway contests. Keep in mind, sites which do have bonus entry options may have a daily deadline to use them and others may let your bonus points roll over. Check the rules to make sure you don’t miss out on those entries if they do have an expiration. It’s also a good idea with any sweeps to check the end date to make sure you know when the prize drawing will be. Sites like SweepsCorner notify our winners by the email address connected to the winning entry and winners are also posted on the winners page. Make it part of your daily sweeping routine to check your email and the winners page on each site you play, especially if a giveaway has just ended.