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Why You Should Play Free Sweepstakes Sites!

The simple answer to why you should play free sweepstakes is, they’re free! If you’re someone who spends money every week hoping to hit a big win in lottery games or scratch-off’s, have you ever stopped to add up all the money you spend trying to win? Just say you spend $20 a week for years and suddenly you win a cool grand. You’re excited for sure, but if you look back at what you spent, that’s not exactly completely profitable. What you’re actually doing is recouping your loses. Most lottery players don’t look at what they spent so much as what they win and, unless you really hit a big win, you’re most likely spending money instead of making money!

Free sweepstakes sites, such as ours, are just that, completely free! They’re also straightforward and simple to enter with free daily chances to play games or just submit your email for chances to win. If or when you do win, it’s a win-win because you’re up by whatever amount you’ve won – large or small!

Add to that, legit sweepstakes sites will never charge a fee or make you jump through hoops to collect your prize or cash. Our site, and many like ours, offers several easy choices to collect your prize if you win. You can request the prize itself delivered to your door free of charge, a check delivered in the mail to your postal mailing address, or electronic payment by PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. 

Any legit site should have easy ways to enter and simple ways to get your prize payment. In most, if not all, cases your email address is the most important factor since many sites only communicate by email and use email as their entry criteria. That means the email address you submit or sign up to the site with is precisely how the site will track your entries and notify you if you win.

If you’re an avid lottery player and you’re tired of wasting your money, consider making the switch to online sweepstakes games such as SweepsCorner. Another benefit is, you can play from your favorite device whenever you want, wherever you are. You don’t need to head to the store to buy tickets or game cards, or head back to collect if you’ve won something. You can simply play and collect your winnings from your smart phone, tablet, or computer, whichever is the device you like the most to go online and conduct any of your favorite activities.

It's also a convenient way to stay organized since you can set reminders or entry schedules on your device to make sure you don’t miss your daily entries. Many free sweepstakes sites such as SweepsCorner, offer multiple entries or games per day for the chance to win cash and prizes. By entering all of them and not missing any of those free games or entries, you’ll be maximizing your potential to become one of the winners.

Many avid online sweepers are multi-time winners, whether they win thousands of dollars or something smaller like a daily cash or gift card giveaway, or somewhere in between. Once you find a good selection of online sweeps sites, such as ours, you’d like to play every day, do it consistently. That’s the best way to claim every chance to win!

Take a look at the winners list on any of the free sites you’re interested in playing. You may see names of repeat winners, and those are the sweepers to aspire to. They don’t miss any chance to win and that’s why they often do win!

You can also check out social media to see what players are talking about, who’s been winning and what’s new and exciting on the site. Just be sure to follow the official pages of the sweeps sites you like and be aware of imposters who, unfortunately, will sometimes try to pose as a successful site in order to scam players. That’s why we strongly urge avid sweepers to follow sites like ours which only contact and pay winners through the email address they used to submit the winning entry and pay their prizes free of charge.