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Why are Sweepstakes Sites Better than the Lottery?

Any game of chance can be exciting and playing to win often invokes dreams of what you would do if you hit a big money win! Granted, the lottery has been around for a long time, longer than the internet in fact. But now that players can access a realm of possibilities to win at the touch of a fingertip, sweepstakes sites are all the rage.

Aside from being able to play online from your favorite device wherever you are and whenever you want, sweepstakes sites such as Sweeps Corner, are totally free to play! Even if you spend a dollar a day playing the lottery or buying a scratch off ticket, at the end of the year you’ll have spent $365. Multiply that by 10 years and you just handed over $3,650 for pretty much nothing, unless you’re lucky enough to win more than you spend. Times that by the number of game cards, quick picks, or any lottery tickets you purchase, and you may see just how much it adds up to a big expenditure. Oftentimes lottery players don’t look at how much they spend, especially if they hit a winner, they only see what they win, even if it’s just $20.

Free sweepstakes sites are exactly that, totally free to play or enter every day of the year. Add to that, it’s all online so you don’t have to head to the store to buy tickets or worry about misplacing or losing a game card or lottery ticket before you cash it in, and that happens quite a bit.

Sweeps sites, such as Sweeps Corner, are designed to be fast, fun and simple to play for your free chances to win cash, prizes and gift cards with the option to take a cash payment in place of a prize you win if that’s your preference. In other words, you’ll never lost money playing free online sweeps and very well could end up winning not only once, but many times if you play diligently and claim every available entry or game play offered.

It’s also easy to sign up, or simply submit your entry using your email address on virtually every free sweeps site. No legit site will ever make any aspect of their games difficult for the player and certainly won’t require anything more than a reply to a winner email in order to collect your winnings.

It’s also good to follow the site on social media and check your email frequently to stay in touch with any new additions to the site, new winner info and upcoming prize drawings so you don’t miss out on your chances to enter or neglect to see that you’ve won!

If you are an avid lottery player and just can’t get by without buying those scratch-offs or Mega Millions tickets, you can still enter to for the chance to win a variety of prizes on a myriad of free sweepstakes sites. Simply choose the sites you like and sign up for their free membership if they have one. If they don’t, it’s usually as simple as clicking on what you want to win and submitting your email address or playing a fast game to gain your free entry. You’ve literally got nothing to lose by trying. Just remember, consistency is the key. If you find sites you like, stick with them, and play frequently, every day if you can. The key to winning is to keep playing!