Sweeps Winners

Welcome to the SweepsCorner, where we we have one goal in mind: Assemble a sweepstakes giveaway list of some of the best gadgets, tech, gift cards, and cash prizes that we could! We find that a lot of sweepstakes give away prizes that are outdated and not keeping with the current trends, which was frustrating as sweep enthusiasts. We hope you stay with us on our journey as we continue to give away the hottest items on the market. 

We also want to make sure you are having some fun while you enter all of the awesome sweepstakes. You will see on some of the giveaways, there are a few mini games like tic-tac-toe, solve the math equation, guess which curtain the gold coin is hidden behind, high card, and a dice roll game where you will need to either need to get an odd roll or and even roll depending on the instructions. These games are purely for entertainment value and have no effect on the outcome of the actual sweepstakes. If you enjoy playing the mini games, please continue to do so and keep an eye out as we will be looking to add more in the future. If you would prefer to not play the mini games, then please kindly click the "skip game and enter button".

We hope you have the great time and we wish you the best of luck. As always, we can't thank you enough for playing!