Sweeps Winners

The SweepsCorner team is always here to help! If you are having an issue with the site or have a question, you can contact us by either:

  • Submitting a Ticket: In the bottom right corner of the page, there should be a red icon that you can click. On Desktop, you will see "Support" and on Mobile you will see "?". Please fill out the necessary fields and our team will get back to you.


Please make sure to be as descriptive as possible when reaching out to our customer support team! As always, thank you for playing.



1) How do I know If I won?

  • We send an email to each winner alerting them that they are the winner of a particular drawing. Please be sure to use a valid email address when entering each giveaway.

2) How often do you update the winners list?

  • The Winners List is updated each time there is a new winner. It is updated the morning after a winner is selected from a drawing.

3) How often are the prize drawings (excluding the $288,888.88 jackpot)?

  • Each prize has its own end date and the time between various prize drawings will vary.

4) How often are the drawings for the $288,888.88?

  • $288,888.88 night at midnight EST we have a drawing for the $288,888.88 jackpot.

5) How many times can I enter each day?

  • $288,888.88 Jackpot: Up to 3 entries per day
  • Other Prizes: Up to 10 entries per day

6) Can I take the Cash Value?

  • Yes, if you are rightfully chosen as a giveaway winner, you are allowed to opt for cash value in the form of a check.

7) How quickly is the prize fulfillment process?

  • We usually can take care of the process within a few days, but sometimes can take up to 14 days. We fulfill winner payments during the work week Monday - Friday, not including holidays.

8) Should I use a real email?

  • It is important that you use an email that you check actively as we will be sending entry reminders, new prizes alerts, and potential winner notifications via email.

8) How can I unsubscribe from emails?

9) When can I play?

  • You can play every day!

10) What device should I use to play?

  • You can use any smartphone, desktop, or tablet that has access to the internet! The preference is completely yours.