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Welcome to the SweepsCorner, where we we have one goal in mind: Create an all-inone sweepstakes site that offers incredible tips on how to navigate the sweepstakes world and also assemble a sweepstakes giveaway list of some of the best gadgets, tech, gift cards, and cash prizes that we could!

Here are just a few of the topics we will be covering:

  • Winner Process — We will let you know how to go about the winner process if you are ever lucky enough to win a sweepstakes. We’ll cover traditional prize fulfillment methods, taxes, and even what to do if you hit a huge jackpot.
  • Communication — Signing up for as many forms of communication can be key to learning about new giveaways as quickly as possible. We will explore the world of email, SMS, and browser notifications.
  • Playing — Check out some of our tips on how to maximize you entry chances like setting calendars reminders, playing every day, and using a dedicated sweeps email address so you never miss a notification.

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How SweepsCorner Sweeps Work:

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Choose from a wide range of cash, gift cards, electronics, and much more!

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Confirm your entry chance by playing the mini game. You can also skip and enter if preferred.

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We will email you with entry reminders and alerts about upcoming prize drawings.

Featured Giveaways

About Us

Here’s a preview of what we will be giving away:

  • Cash -- We know that cash is king, so we made sure to include that on our awesome list. We have a $100 giveaway, which is a prize that we will give away often. But to really sweeten things up, we have a $288,888.88 jackpot, which will have a drawing every single night.
  • Fancy Tech -- There are a few gadgets in the world that are becoming the hottest products out there. One of theme is the electric scooter -- we are super excited about this one. Another is to help jump on the VR bandwagon. We will be giving away a Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, which makes for an incredible viewing and gaming experience.
  • Electronics -- AirPods Pro are also on our giveaway list, which are some of the best wireless buds on the market, and the XBOX one!!!
  • Subscriptions -- Content platforms have become all the rave the last few years. We will be offering an 1-year HD Netflix subscription as well as a 1-year premium subscription to Spotify.
  • Gift Cards -- Cards are also important (they are almost like cash)! We will be giving away a Chewy gift card -- something that any pet lover would be happy with!

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