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How to Recognize a Legitimate Sweepstakes Site

It’s important to know, when entering to win any sweepstakes, if the site is real and legitimate. There are many sites which are totally real and completely legit and those are the sites you’ll want to visit. Sweepstakes sites must follow rules which govern this industry to the letter of the law.

If you want to know if a site is legit, these are the things to be aware of:

• It’s completely free to enter, with no cost or obligation necessary – ever!

• Collecting your prize is also completely free of charge – no legal sweepstakes will every ask you to pay to collect your prize. If they do, they are a scam, and you should avoid them.

• If anyone asks for your bank account information, do not ever give it to them. A real sweepstakes site such as ours will never ask you for that information.

• A legit sweepstakes site has real winners and posts them for all to see. When determining the validity of a site, look for the Winners page.

• Real sweeps companies are easy to get in touch with. You should see a Contact Us page and a way to easily communicate if you have a question or concern.

• The sweeps rules should be clearly stated on the site. It should also state if you are eligible to play. Sweepstakes contests are governed by the laws of the country they are based in.

• There should be a Privacy Policy so you know if or how your information may be used.

Rest assured, the team behind Sweeps Corner are veterans of the sweepstakes industry with many solid years of experience. We know the rules and conduct legitimate sweepstakes contests which are completely free to enter every day. If you win, there is certainly no cost whatsoever to collect your prize.

We offer the prize itself, a check by mail, a direct PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card. We will never ask for your bank information; however, if you win a prize valued over $600, we are required to ask you to fill out a tax form before we can release your prize. That’s one of the strict laws we adhere to in order to conduct our sweepstakes legally.

Our site is open to those aged 18 and over who legally reside in the United States (except Puerto Rico), Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. If you meet these criteria, you are eligible to play. If you do not meet the age or resident requirements stated above, we are sorry, but your entries will not be valid, and we cannot accept them. In that case, our advice is to look for a site that meets the legitimate site criteria we’ve stated here and see if you meet their requirements, which should be clearly stated if they are legit.

The purpose of Sweeps Corner is to offer fast, fun and completely free entries for the chance to win prizes. That’s all we do, so you can be sure we are legitimate, you can enter daily every day and if you win, you will receive your prize delivered absolutely free of charge by the method of your choice, based upon the options we have and stated above.