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Set A Reminder to Enter Consistently

Like anything else in life you want to be successful at, organization, time management and consistency are keys to achieving your goals. Avid sweepers, and especially those who win and win often, will always say they enter consistently every day as much as they possibly can.

One way to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your chances of becoming a winner of your favorite sweeps sites, is to set a reminder to enter every day at the same time of day. That way you’ll make entering or playing your favorite sweeps a part of your daily routine.

This will accomplish several things. The first is, you won’t miss any of your entries or opportunities to play which could technically forfeit a possible win if you miss the one which turns out to be the lucky winner. It will also get you into the habit of playing or entering each day as part of your routine to the point where it will become something you automatically do once you are fully in the habit of doing so. The other benefit is, once you have a site or group of sites you play every day, you’ll want to make the time to enter every possible sweepstake they offer or play every available game daily. That’s the way to ensure you’re taking advantage of every chance they have to win. After all, sweepstakes are games of chance so by claiming every chance by whatever method they are offered, you are locking in every possibility to win.

So if, for example, you are an early riser and have extra time in the morning, you may want to set a reminder to enter while you’re having your morning coffee, after you shower, before you leave for work or after you send the kids to school, or whatever time best suits your schedule on a regular basis. If you’re a night owl, you may set a reminder to enter later in the evening. Just keep in mind, many sites cut off their entry time at midnight, so be sure to check and see if that’s the case and enter or play before the cut off time so you don’t miss your chances to enter or play on any given day.

Consistency can and does pay off for many avid sweepers. If you’ve seen any online interviews of those who have won, or read their comments on social media, you will most likely notice a common thread of advice or technique and that is usually stated as “never give up” or “I play every day” or “I knew if I kept entering eventually I’d win” or things along those lines.

Most sweeps sites, such as ours, are fairly straightforward and simple to enter or play, so it doesn’t require a great deal of your time. For the minor investment in a small part of your day, you could potentially receive a big pay day, a really great prize, some extra cash or a cool gift card for your small effort. The other thing is, most free sweepstakes sites are pure fun! So, go ahead and enjoy entering or playing your favorite sweeps sites. Just remember to do it consistently every day!

It’s simple enough to do with all the choices of smart devices, apps and so on, whether you use your phone’s reminder feature, your email calendar settings, or even a voice assistant such as Siri or Alexa. Whatever your normal reminder method is, be sure to add playing your favorite sweeps routine to it.