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Avid sweepers always want to stay in the know about anything new on their favorite sites and find out things like who’s been winning, what prizes the winners won, when a particular contest may be ending or running again and so on. That’s why is advisable to subscribe to all forms of communication the sweepstakes site offers.

This includes email, so be sure when signing up or entering to use an email address you won’t forget to check, such as your main email account or perhaps an email you’ve created solely for the purposes of joining and entering free online sweepstakes sites. That’s a good way to keep your sweepstakes entering organized and ensure you don’t miss any important messages from your favorite sites.

Push notifications on the site itself are a useful way to keep up with the latest in real time whenever you visit the site. These can include any contests which may be ending and remind you to play or enter before a deadline. They may also include winner news when someone lands on prize win and can even include insider info such as tips and tricks or special contests.

If any site you join or play encourages you to sign up for SMS (short message service) via text, be sure to join through a direct link from the company who runs the site, who will most likely email that information to you, unless you’ve included your cell phone in your membership profile. This can be another way to stay up to date on all the latest news, sweepstakes, special contests, winner info and more. Just keep in mind, most free sweepstakes sites, such as ours, only communicate winner notifications and payment arrangements by email as a security measure.

If you’re active on social media be sure to like and follow the pages of your favorite sites on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is another useful tool to keep up with all the latest news, contests, winner information, entry deadlines and more. You can also comment and connect with other sweepers who have your same passion for free sweepstakes sites, boast when you win and congratulate other players when they do!

Just bear in mind, social media pages are for just that, connecting with the sweepstakes and other players. It’s not the place to send or post your personal identification information, entry confirmation data or anything else you wouldn’t want to get in the wrong hands. Anything you post on the social media pages of a business site, such as a sweepstakes, becomes visible to the public. That’s why you should never share your personal data, post your phone number, address, email address, any type of identification documentation, or anything you wouldn’t want to end up being used for ill purposes, such as a scam or, even worse, identity theft. For your own security, use the social media outlets as they were intended; to socialize with other players and find out the latest exciting news from your favorite sites.

If you are the social type and like to connect with other players through the commonality of your love for playing sweepstakes, you can also look for community pages which may be run by another avid sweeper or a group of sweepers. That could be a useful connection to find out their tips and tricks, share new sites you’ve discovered or learn about sites other people have found. In general, it’s like anything else where you have a common interest with others. It’s fun to connect and share information about something you’re all passionate about.